08 Aug


For anyone who knows me understands my love for books and learning. I’m not one for guns,bows, fishing rods, hammer, nails I think you get the point. I’m not I guess a manly man, I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on boats,tackle boxes, rods and reels and canoes. I’m not your ordinary guy as far as those things are concerned. What I do enjoy is “READING” It has been a passion of mine for years. I love history, geography, biographies, ancient history, military books (CIVIL WAR), poetry, great novels, short stories. So you see reading, studying, research, and thinking is my passion. I have long thought that God knew what he was doing when he created me. Because in my line of work, these are all necessary qualities to have as a “Preacher and Bible Teacher in a private school”, which I longer do by the way. I’d like to share with you my readers something that happened to me while in high school. I believe it was my junior year at Lakeland Senior High School in Lakeland, FL. Our school was involved in a program that allowed high school students to actively engage in a career of their choosing. We went to work for a corporation or a small business for a week, can anyone guess what I chose to do? That’s right, I chose the “Lakeland Public Library” It was an incredible time for me, the director of the library was so nice to me and taught me so much about the actual business side of running a library, I have some great memories of those times. So I hope you see that for the longest time, I’ve been enamored with books and libraries and learning. I’m troubled sometimes with Christian people who hate to read, my concern with that is “DO THEY TREAT THEIR “BIBLE READING” in the same fashion. So my challenge to the body of Christ is simply this, “God expects you to read, study, research, examine, reason, think, on “HIS WORD” And oh by the way, there will be no excuses’ offered. SO UNTIL NEXT TIME MY FRIENDS!!!!

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