16 Aug

For as long as I can remember  I’ve always wanted to be where the action was, I’m not sure why this is but that’s the case nonetheless at least with me anyway. My earliest recollection of this was when some of the folks from church wanted to go see the Vienna Choir Boys who were performing in Worcester, Ma.  I believe  I was around maybe thirteen or maybe fourteen years old. What I do remember was being extremely excited at seeing these young boys perform on stage. So when we arrived that evening I recall wanting to be right up front, where the action was so I could see everything I didn’t want to miss anything. Then after the concert was over my enthusiasm got the better of me and I hurried off to the backstage area because I wanted to meet these young boys and show my appreciation. So I made my way backstage and sure enough I was successful in getting by, no one stopped me or asked any questions, “I was one determined young man” and as far as I was concerned no one was going to stop me!! I recall going back out to the rest of  the group explaining to them that I had been successful in getting to the backstage area and they should hurry because they didn’t want to miss this opportunity. As I look back over that entire scene in my minds-eye, I ‘m still surprised that I did what I did that evening. So, you may be asking at this point in time, what does that have to do with anything, right? Well hear me please, “I’ve always been like a sponge” say what? Yes, you heard me, my whole life has been about soaking up information, this craving for knowledge and knowing about the origins of stuff, why things are the way they are, basically the same old questions that any person would ask. I’m not sure why this is with me but to be totally honest with you, I for one like it. I enjoy knowing about “STUFF” always have and I guess always will. I love to read obviously, you can’t enjoy knowing, learning, without reading, (wow, newsflash) I become irritated with folks who hate to read, that kind of mentality or thinking just doesn’t registrar  on my radar. As a former school teacher in a private school, I became very annoyed by students who were completely apathetic and indifferent towards reading, learning, knowing, thinking, processing information who seemed to be on a different planet than I was, I thought were does this come from why are they like this and why don’t they care!! These attitudes bothered me a great deal and if truth be known still do. I just don’t get it “WHY” why wouldn’t you want to know about life, events, history, how to speak correctly, the world and how it works, how to count and to be able to do simple math, how to make change if you needed to. I could go on and on, but I think many of you probably feel the same way I do. In my life of almost sixty years now, my love of learning has never stopped and I pray that it never does. Now, to the point of all this rhetoric you may be thinking!! What am I trying to say? I’m simply saying that as a Christian my entire existence had been about knowing. Knowledge has always been a priority for me and I’ve always taken the position that I just have to know about that topic or whatever the subject may be at that point in time. As a “preacher” of the gospel my joy has been able to “study” to spend the countless hours needed to impart the “knowledge of God”  to my audience or even the classroom. There have been at least for me many great examples, men of great learning, men who have devoted their entire lives to the study of the “scriptures” men who have shared their passion for knowledge and understanding. I’m so saddened to see in the modern church the lack of zeal,fervor, discipline, passion for reading and yes even the passion for the “word of God” as I’m able to travel at different times and to be in christian homes when I’m on speaking engagements, I’m completely overwhelmed at the lack of desire on the part of christian people to be able to discuss such simple biblical principles and to be able to quote scripture. The discussions around the dinner table have certainly “opened my eyes” to the fact that we don’t even talk about our heavenly father and about his blessings on our lives, his goodness, kindness, love, grace, and mercy. To be quite honest here, we talk about everything under the sun, instead of talking about “THE SON OF GOD” we seem to engage more about our families, our children, our careers, our hobbies, our new toys we just bought, folks are we so vain? Do we really want to talk about everything under the sun? Time will not allow me to share with you some of my experiences I’ve had so you”ll just have to trust me on this.My heart’s desire for God’s people and his church is for us to return to the “love of learning” our strong desire to know the scriptures and to just put forth the effort, the energy, the excitement, the enthusiasm,  for “growing in grace and knowledge” of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is it really to much to ask in lieu of what God has given to each and everyone of us, I don’t think so!! I’m eternally grateful to my God for my tender heart towards his truth at a very early age, all I’ve ever wanted  to know is him and his precious word!! I’m thankful that my faith has allowed me since I was about eight years old to have a “FRONT-ROW FAITH” All my life as long as I can remember I’ve never ever wanted to sit in the back, you would always find me right up front, listening to every word the preacher was saying or teaching. That was me back then and that’s me now, today!! I refuse to sit in the back because there are just too many distractions for me, I’ve lived long enough to know and have preached  to a lot of audiences to know the facts about the “back row” I knew at an early age that was not the place to be (at least for me) anyway. It’s my prayer that you may have like myself a “front-row faith” All of this is important my friend simply because in my humble view it reveals or reflects on our character!! You may or may not agree with some of these views but nevertheless they are my thoughts and reflections based on my life’s experiences. I trust that these few words may be encouraging to your faith and perhaps we’ve done some good. So, until next time my friends!!  Godspeed!!

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