30 Aug

  • Just a brief message to let everyone know that I’ll be out the office for the remainder of the week, I’ll be traveling up to the New England states where I grew up to speak on a ‘Preaching Rally”   I’m going to be quite busy in preparation for the rally. I  would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has stopped by to read my posts, it’s very humbling to know that I’m able to impact lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. I also remind you that from time to time there will be articles that will be “Controversial” we will certainly disagree I’m almost sure of that. As a preacher among the churches of Christ/Christian Churches (instrumental) I’ve lived long enough to know that our positions on many of the issues that face the majority of the denominational world, we are at odds with one another for sure. So before I close this out allow me to share with you my fellow bloggers and others what “VERTICAL VIEWER”   is all about.                                                                            

OUR VISION: To simply view the Scriptures as our “ABSOLUTE FINAL AUTHORITY” on all maters of faith and practice
OUR VALUES: What we value more than anything is the “Absolute Truth”  We’re not interested in man’s opinion or interpretations. We hold to the ‘Traditions Of Scripture” NOT to the traditions of men.  OUR VOICE: The clear clarion call must be a “A THUS SAYETH THE LORD”   OUR VERNACULAR: It must be biblical in nature, It must not  be the “Language of Ashdod.   OUR VIEW: Our goal, our aim, our objective is to view the world as God sees it. Looking through the “lens” of scripture as our compass to guide us into all truth. So until next time my friends, Godspeed To all!!

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