07 Sep

The Church in Northboro,Ma. where I grew up recently celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of the church’s existence. The theme for the rally was “My Last Sermon” and each of the speakers shared what they would say if in fact it was their last sermon. I myself was one of the speakers who shared my thoughts if it were my last time to impart some knowledge or the opportunity to remind believers of their responsibility to their God. As a Timothy of the congregation of the Northboro Church of Christ, it was an honor and blessing to be asked to even speak on the program. The double blessing I enjoyed was the fact that this past July 31st was my forty-fifth year as a Christian and the man who immersed me into Christ Bro. Franklin Faull, his younger brother George Faull was also on the program. All of the speakers were in some way or another affiliated with the congregation throughout it’s fifty year history.The rally seemed to be well attended, churches from all over the New England area were well represented.As we traveled up to the rally on Friday of last week, we saw first hand the damage that hurricane Irene had done.Then as we spoke with some of the brethren particularly those from the state of Vermont we learned so much more of the devastation that she left behind. Several of our brethren were directly affected by hurricane Irene, so please continue to pray for the folks in Vermont.Those who spoke on the rally were Bro. John Van Voorhis(the one who started the work) Bro.Rick Green (from Arkansas) Bro.George Faull(from Indiana) Bro.Andrew Gibbons (North Carolina) and Bro. Mike Collins (West Virginia) Each of these men brought their own distinct style and presentation of the Gospel. They preached with power, conviction, boldness and heartfelt love for the brethren. It was challenging, uplifting, inspiring, and most of all of the Holy Spirit!! Each speaker poured out his heart in love for the brethren, for the Word of God, for the Lord Jesus, and for the future of the Kingdom of God. I personally want to thank the brethren at Northboro for the invitation to come and share and to thank them for their gracious hospitality and for all the provisions they provided over the weekend. It was indeed a weekend to remember,I’ll always look back now with fond memories of this fiftieth anniversary and when I do, I’m sure there will be a big smile on my face. And may all the churches in New England continue to grow and have a deep impact in their communities as they “Go and make disciples” We pray that the kingdom of God will continue to expand as more souls are added to the kingdom. So as we close this out, the question is: Was the Rally in Northboro over the Labor Day Weekend a success? The answer is a resounding YES!! So until next time my friends, Godspeed To You And Yours!!

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