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  • 1. “Isms” are things that catalog beliefs.
  • 2. Discussing them requires care lest we misrepresent and label in a pejorative way.
  • 3. It is, however, fair and needful to know a thing for what it is.
  • 4. As we continue to examine matters of concern, this evening we will look into” liberalism.”
  • 5. In liberalism we see people who take it upon themselves to loose what God has bound.
  • 6. II Peter 2:1-22 will show us the: classification, consequences, condemnation, and cure for liberalism.
  • 7. This lesson is adapted from a sermon by Dan Winkler.

I. The Classification Of Liberalism (2:1, 19).

  • A. False teachers and false prophets.
    • 1. A prophet is a spokesman (Ex. 4:13-15; 7:1).
    • 2. A false prophet claims to speak for God, but does not.
    • 3. A teacher is to teach about God and proper human conduct.
    • 4. A false teacher gives misinformation about God and human conduct.
  • B. Jesus was given authority to speak for the Father (Matt. 28:18).
    • 1. Jesus spoke on behalf of the Father (Jn. 7:16).
    • 2. True prophets speak on behalf of God (II Pet. 1:20-21; Matt. 16:19; Jn. 20:23).
    • 3. False prophets speak on their own authority.
  • C. In this case, the false prophets are offering freedom where God has not given freedom (v.19).
    • 1. Loosing where God has bound.
    • 2. Giving the O. K. where God has not.
  • D. We are not speaking of differing opinions.
    • 1. Even when we act unwisely in a matter of judgment, we do not sin (I Cor. 7:25-28).
    • 2. When services are held, Bible translations, methods, etc. are not matters of faith.
    • 3. We must not flee from liberalism only to become legalists.

II. The Consequences Of Liberalism (2:1-3).

  • A. Contradict and deny Bible authority.
    • 1. Deny Jesus’ authority (Eph. 1:22-23; Lk. 6:46).
    • 2. Ignore Jesus’ ownership of the church (Acts 20:28; I Cor. 6:19-20).
  • B. Promote a self-centered religion (cf. Lk.9:23).
    • 1. The “church of your choice.”
    • 2. Have it your way.
  • C. Hurts the church.
    • 1. The nature of the church comes to be misunderstood.
    • 2. People are exploited.

III. The Condemnation Of Liberalism (2:4-22).

  • A. Rebellious angels.
  • B. Those in Noah’s day.
  • C. Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • D. Arrogant.
  • E. Animals.
  • F. Adulterous.
  • G. Accursed
  • H. Balaam.
  • I. Worse than before they were saved.

IV. The Cure For Liberalism (II Pet. 3:16-18).

  • A. Be on guard.
  • B. Grow in grace and knowledge.
  • C. Give glory to God.


  • 1. God given restraints must be honored.
  • 2. There is no freedom where God has given no freedom.
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