31 Dec

I want to simply say that it has been an absolute thrill for me to come into your life via this incredible medium these past six months. I want to just simply say  “THANK YOU SO MUCH”  I LOVE PREACHING, I LOVE THE WORD OF GOD, I LOVE STUDYING,I LOVE BLOGGING,  I LOVE MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WHO MAKES ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE TO BEGIN WITH.  I also want to thank you for your friendship, your prayers, your graciousness, and for following “VERTICAL VIEWER”  My mind has been swimming with all kinds of thoughts about what to say here. Perhaps the best way I can do that is by using scripture; Wow, what a novel idea!! I was looking at Titus chapter two earlier and verse thirteen caught my attention; “Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. (nkjv) As 2012 is upon us my question is very simple indeed, “My friend what are you looking for in 2012? I think it’s a very fair question is it not? Ive been looking at other blog sites these past few days and I’m impressed with some of the things their saying. And quite I’ve often if I’m honest, I’m thinking I wish I had thought of that. A great many of you are blessed to be able to share some incredible, awesome insights with your readership and then again if I’m honest, We disagree on many aspects of scripture and what it teaches. But I’m thankful that our God, his Son and the Holy Spirit, the Bible, The Body of Christ and Christianity in general is being BOLDLY proclaimed to a lost and dying world. We have what the world needs, we have the answers to their problems. Our role and responsibility is to simply be witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. So as we enter yet another year, may the God of heaven guide and direct you into the love of his dear son, may your soul prosper, may your family be blessed, may you be successful in all your endeavors. I pray that 2012  will be a banner year for you personally, spiritually, emotionally, physically,  and in every way possible. But in the meantime, I pray that all of us will be “looking” for that blessed hope and glorious appearing….” So from our house to your house, let me say “HAPPY NEW YEAR”  In this new year you will notice some changes on this blog site. I’ve been looking at several other themes to go with in this new year. So stay-tuned to get a peek at our new blog site, trust you like it; would appreciate some feedback if that’s ok!! Well, friends and neighbors have to get back to studying the word. My message will come from ACTS CHPT. TWO  tomorrow, entitled: “Why are you here?” God Bless My Friends!! Fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith!! So until next time beloved, “Keep Looking up because Jesus is coming again”

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  1. Brush Arbors

    January 1, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Hi; Happy new year; May you and your’s be filled with many blessings Thank’s i enjoyed your post will be looking forward for tomarrow’s message….Bro Pat..


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