09 Jul


Good afternoon everyone it sure seems like a long time since we were together. We had a bittersweet time away. My son and I drove to New England to go pick up my wife who was staying with her younger sister. They themselves had just returned from seeing their dad who lives in Kansas, they surprised him for Fathers’ Day. Well, until stupid me blew it by posting something about them traveling to go see their father. OK, so let the laughter begin. It was good seeing my two sisters and a whole slew of nieces and nephews. And then tragedy struck, while I was in church on Wed. evening at the congregation where I grew up, some of my family members rushed my nephew to the local hospital where he passed away as a result of blood clots. So needless to say what I looked forward too (vacation) was not in the cards so to speak for my family and myself. My nephew Kenny Teele was only 43 yrs. old, much too young to be leaving us. His viewing (or wake) was on Monday evening with quite a crowd and then followed by a graveside service the next morning.So because Uncle Mike is a preacher (in our family) and was around at this most unfortunate moment, I was asked by the family to hold Kenny’s service to which I answered absolutely yes, It be my honor to speak at my nephew’s service. I had the most amazing opportunity to share with those present at the graveside service to talk about “MY GOD” May I just say that my heavenly father was with me, I had prayed the night before asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and give me the words to speak that would bring healing and comfort and don’t you know that was exactly what my Father in heaven did for me, the pen just flowed with words and expressions and thoughts from holy writ that I was so overwhelmed with such emotion, I thank my God for his promise to be with us, to help us, to encourage us and use us for his glory. “All Praise Honor And Glory To Our Great God And Savior Jesus Christ” So shortly thereafter a friend of our family for over fifty some years approached me and wanted to know if she could talk to me sometime before we left New England to go back home. So later after the service we all met for a meal with the family and friends of Kenny and Danielle. After I was done eating this young lady got my attention and wanted to know if we could talk right now, so we proceeded outside to begin our little talk, she informed me that she had stopped going to church and in fact was very upset with her particular denomination about some of their issues that they were having at the time. Then the most amazing thing happened, something that I personally have wanted to hear from someone, anyone from that area, she said; “Do You Know Of A Church In The Area Where I could Attend” Well folks, I started to cry I gave her a big hug and I prayed with her, You can’t even begin to imagine how I felt at their very moment, It was one of the most amazing moments in my ministry. So in spite of our loss in the family yet there seems to be a victory looming as another soul comes to the knowledge of the truth. My friends, our God is so faithful and long-suffering, it’s been since 1961 since this young woman (she would hug me right now if she were here) came into our lives. She had a family of twelve children and we the Collins’ were a family of eleven children, so needless to say we had much in common. I would certainly appreciate your prayers for my family as they mourn the loss of our nephew Kenny, folks he was a great Dad and had some good kids he definitely was a family man; Kenny was very involved in his kids lives and his relationship with his wife Danielle well it goes without saying, they were in love. I appreciate your time today, thanks for listening and again it’s good to be back with all of those who follow Vertical Viewer, so until next time my friends; Godspeed!!

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